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Course Project: Part 2

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Course Project: Part 2—Literature Review By Day 7 Submit the Project, Part 2—Literature Review, which you began working on in Week 4. It will also be a component in your Course Project due by Day 7 of Week 10. Submission and Grading Information

To submit your completed Project for review and grading, do the following:

Please save your Project using the naming convention “WK5Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” as the name. Click the Week 5 Project Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Project.Click the Week 5 Project link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area. Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the document you saved as “WK5Proj+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open.

If applicable:

From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database. Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.


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