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Country Studies

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Write a 1 page essay on Country Studies.The invasion led to the devaluation of the Iraq currency, which sent away the investors who had invested in the desert country. The depreciation of the currency led to the withdrawal of support from international bodies2. The invasion also confirmed to the world that the country was unsafe for inhabiting. This process made the products of the country have very low value to the international community while the international commodities became expensive. It caused an economic crisis.

Additionally, this led to a long period of economic recovery. The US in conjunction with the UN undermined Iraq’s international image. The negative signal of terrorism associated the whole country with terrorism, while a small section of the country was affected by the aspect of al-Qaeda3. Iraq was also destabilized because the nation’s dictatorial leader was ousted and hanged. This cut links the leader had established with the nation’s allies to the detriment of the Iraq nationals. The reign of dictatorial leaders is better than instability. The political and economic instability caused by the US was costly to the


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