Cost variance analysis

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Chapter Ten, How do Managers Evaluate Performance Using Cost Variance Analysis?, we re-visit the flexible budget model we learned about in BU1301, Financial Accounting. This chapter takes us much deeper into the details of each component sub-budget and how each component relates to the master budget.Chapter Eleven, How do Managers Evaluate Performance in Decentralized Organizations?, introduces us to a number of ways of viewing segments of a large company and discusses an important assessment tool, the return-on-investment (ROI) calculation.Part 1Describe operating profit margin and asset turnover, and explain how each of these ratios can be used to help division managers improve ROI. Minimum words is 250. Cite any reference used in apa format.Part 2See attached file to answer this part.Part 3For this week’s reflection, please write three complete and well composed paragraphs (in your own words) where you use, as an example, a large company that you know about that would have many units of operations. How do you think the leadership of that company monitors routine activity and reacts to unexpected events? How would you organize the business?Cite any reference in apa format.

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