Corrections and Juvenile Justice

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Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Corrections and Juvenile Justice Pt 2.Juvenile offenders also dealt with abandonment issues, adjustment problems, and were eventually removed from their homes due to poor supervision on the part of the parents.In 1972, the FBIs Behavioral Science Unit was established in Quantico, Virginia for the purpose of studying the techniques and analyzing the patterns of serial killers. Their hard work and efforts resulted in foolproof methods of identifying variable elements the serial killer possessed, which would later distinguish him/her from a single-incident (murderer) and other categories of multicide, including the mass murderer (an act in which a number of people are killed by a single assassin in a short period of time), and spree murderer (multiple killings take place over a longer period of time, days, weeks, years (Douglas & Olshaker, 1995). With this information, the FBI was able to research into collected data and research demographic information collected on their primary subjects childhood and to determine their propensity to commit the aforementioned criminal acts. As a result, their findings yielded useful and profound information about the subjects juvenile delinquent history, which was later utilized in creating profiles of serial murderers as well as violent offenders.For many years, researchers believed that both personality and situational factors must be taken into account in the assessment of dangerousness in juvenile offenders, and offered instructions on how to identify the factors (Quinsey, 1995). In recent years, it can now be accepted that violent behavior in youths as well as dangerousness, is a complex behavior which is determined by biological, psychological, and sociological factors (Ward & Gibson, 2010).Experts categorize youth that persistently offend the law in order to gain clarity and understand their behaviors. There are three types of juvenile offenders according to Jones, Harris, Fader, and

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