Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Assignment

Compose a 3500 words essay on Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. In its effort to ensure the entrusted corporate social responsibility a modern day corporate must ensure fulfillment of its duties towards the social, moral and environmental aspects of its surroundings.The chances of a possible gas disaster at Bhopal that ultimately broke out during December the 2nd and 3rd 1984 were rooted long back in the early half of the 1970s. In those eras India was a country dying for foreign investment as with its infrastructure of that time it managed little of it and that mostly owing to Soviet Friendship. To attain this much-awaited foreign investment goal the Indian government approached Union Carbide to set a plant at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh that will be producing pesticides such as Sevin. Sevin was certainly to have an intermediate product Methyl Isocyanide (MIC) that was immensely toxic. The possibility of a disaster owing to the production of such a toxic material was overlooked. The Union Carbide considered two potentials of the place, cheap labor and lands the most helpful input a chemical company can hope for to start with. What the eminent strategists of the concerned company overlooked was whether the place is ready enough for such a plant. The answer to this question was a certain no and that owing to a couple of factors. First of all cheap labor does not always translate to skilled labor rather mostly stands for the opposite and Madhya Pradesh was one of the backward states of India in terms of technical know how. Both of these together had sown a seed that eventually became a poisonous tree. swallowing millions of lives. In simple terms, corporate balance sheet emerged victorious over the social accounts and that one-day yielded poisonous gas in a huge amount that shocked millions of innocent inhabitants of Bhopal and almost no one was held accountable for that.1) Mr. Warren Anderson: the puppet master. When a business body unleashes a catastrophe then the topmost officials or authorities are bound to be held responsible. This was no exception for Union Carbide as well.

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