Corporate management skills

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Compose a 3500 words assignment on corporate management skills. The structure of communication should include at least two participants (a source and a recipient) who should know the norms of a certain semiotic system (language is perhaps the simplest example of such system), though intrapersonal communication is also singled out by some researchers (speculations, thoughts, evaluations, etc.). a certain situation which they aim to comprehend and understand. texts which express the meaning of this situation using the elements of the given semiotic system. motives and goals which induce the subjects to communication. coding and decoding processes and the actual process of the material transmission of the texts. Among the effective nonverbal communication techniques there are techniques of establishing contact, rapport, and evoking trust. There are also some techniques that can effectively influence the state of an interlocutor: increasing his or her interest, decreasing the level of aggression, etc. An efficient communicator should possess the skills of calibration of the state and reactions of people – which allows determining an interlocutor’s true intentions, reasons for behavior, thoughts, etc. Sending the right signals in the process of communication is also extremely important as this “meta-message” gives the interlocutor all information about the attitude to the subject of conversation on the subconscious level.The key rule of corporate communications is their relevance to the corporate strategy that will eventually determine the goals and content of messages. The three major spheres where communications&nbsp.should be managed:People: their motivations, communication competencies, values, models of behavior.Processes: structure, direction, participants.Technologies: information technologies that maintain and facilitate communication, methods of information sharing, etc..By paying heed to every one of these three elements, you boost the chances of your company to creating quality communication.

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