Corperate Finace

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Submit a 2500 words essay on the topic Corperate Finace- Financial report.As of now, the financial condition of Balfour is stronger. However, there is a lack of efficiency in the company’s receivable management system. The company must look into this matter with more concern. As of now, Balfour seems to be a better choice for the investors as this is offering a good return on the equity invested.This report aims to offer a comparative study of the financial statements of the two companies. The analysis has taken into consideration different parameters of financial analysis. To assist in understanding, the analysis has been done after taking into account the financial data of three years. In the end, a conclusion has been inferred from the entire analysis.The company is one of the leading property development companies in the United Kingdom. The company’s operation is based on its imaginative design and quality customer service. At the time of financial downturn, the entire housing and infrastructure market was experiencing a difficult time. In such a situation, the company started dealing in mid market residential houses. As the economy is on its way to recovery, the company is required to place its strategies to make its mark in the industry.Balfour Beatty is a leading organisation in road infrastructure, electrical and mechanical engineering, support services and a number of other such disciplines. Institutionalized back in the year 1909, the organisation is now one of the prominent fixed rail infrastructures contracting company, worldwide. In the last year, the company ranked 19th in the international league of contractors. Balfour Beatty deals in infrastructure building which includes a wide range of civil and rail engineering products. In the United States, the organisation deals in asset management and capital products. The company is expected to retain its prominent position with the help of well developed strategies.The above image displays the current and

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