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Write a 4 page essay on Convsersion. ngers to know the exact location of the city buses they intend to board, using GPS network, and thus to avoid longer waiting periods in the cold and rain. Our project idea won the competition and our professor for the marketing subject even went to the extent of advising us to propose the idea to the London Transport Authority. Personally, I was in complete agreement with him. Initially all the four of us were fired up with enthusiasm but eventually my colleagues lost interest in pursuing the idea, overcome by heavy school work and imagined bureaucratic hurdles. I followed the herd, killed my own instinct and dropped the idea altogether. In hindsight, as I see the proliferation of GPS applications now, I realize how I have lost a golden opportunity in not pursuing my own instincts – a lesson well learnt from a mistake.

Coming to the second episode, after completing undergraduate degree, most of my fellow students were scrambling for jobs and accepting offers that came their way. On the other hand, I was watching with interest the globalization process and the emergence of China on the world economic scene and felt that in this changed scenario, familiarity with the Mandarin language would be of immense help in the coming days. At that time, I had the option either to accept an offer from an investment bank where I had successfully completed internship earlier or to go to Beijing to learn Mandarin, following my inner convictions. I chose the later option and do not regret it. It proved as one of my best self-improvement investments, as I had to deal with Chinese clients both in my earlier stint with a New York investment bank and after joining my family business here in Singapore.

Aptly enough, this response follows upon the previously related incidents and has continuity with them. Before joining my present job, I worked for four years in a couple of comfortable jobs in international banking. They had all the fun of high profile jobs – lot of travelling

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