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Consumer’s problem-solving process

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1. How does a consumer’s level of involvement affect his or her choice of problem-solving process?

2. Name the types of consumer problem-solving processes. List some products you have bought using each type. Have you ever bought a product on impulse? If so, describe the circumstances.

3. What are the major stages in the consumer buying decision process? Are all these stages used in all consumer purchase decisions? Why or why not?

4. What are the categories of situational factors that influence consumer buying behavior? Explain how each of these factors influences buyers’ decisions.

5. What is selective exposure? Why do people engage in it?

6. In what ways do lifestyles affect the consumer buying decision process?

7. How do roles affect a person’s buying behavior? Provide examples.

8. What are reference groups? How do they influence buying behavior? Name some of your own reference groups.

9. How does an opinion leader influence the buying decision process of reference group members?

10. In what ways does social class affect a person’s purchase decisions?


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