Consumer adopting e-banking

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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Consumer adopting e-banking as a new technology innovation.While there may have been security concerns about this in the past, today security on mobile networks is almost at par with the security strength which available to those accessing their accounts from desktop computers (Coelho and Easingwood, 2003). Marketers and technology companies have done their part in allowing users to expect the same experience and the same speed which they find in e-commerce to be applied to m-commerce.This means users are more willing to adopt e-commerce as a means of interacting with their financial service providers. This experience can be carried over from the mobile phone to the desktop or laptop computer and across different operating system since the interface is web based. Just as mobile network data transfer can be secured, laptops and desktop computers can also have wireless data networks with the same if not higher levels of security while providing a more enriching experience since the computer is a far more capable machine for information access than a mobile device.The interaction is one of the factors which impacts the propensity for consumers to adopt e-banking since the interaction with a human at a bank branch is quite different from an interaction a person may have with a computer. Customers may choose to make investments based on information given to them by a financial consultant in the real world but they can also make investments decisions based on the current information they have. For example, a client could get a news report about a company which made a breakthrough in nanotechnology on their mobile phone. They can simply use their phone to login to their financial investment services provider’s web portal, research all they want to know about the company and simply put in a buy order for stocks of the company. All of this can be done from the client’s phone or the client’s primary computer. SSL encryption,

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