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Write an assignment on Consultation topic paper.

Write a 1250 word paper answering; s a phenomenon in which one or more industrial/managerial experts give their valuable and well thought opinion/advice to a client who seeks to improve performance or expand operations. Per se, a company that has recently incurred a big loss in business may turn toward some consultancy firm for getting some advice on maximizing profits or fill up the loopholes. However, different types of consultancy services are needed for the different types of organizations, individuals, and industries because everyone has a unique need. Yet, experts have managed to analyze the process of consultation in a generalized way. Roughly, consultation process is divided into six phases. These are: pre-entry (preliminary formalities and introduction). entry (exploring the problem, contracting, etc.). information gathering (data collection, problem confirmation, etc.). implementation (intervention selection, planning, etc.). evaluation and termination (Kurpius et al 1993. International Labour Organization 2002. Ray 2011).

The proposed draft addresses human resource or HR related issues, where training and interaction are the main foci. Scope of consultation in this context is around the nature and extent of the proposed training program. A necessity of consultation is likely to arise for the following reasons:Another requirement is to expand the target population of the team building program. Focusing just on the staffs of the specified non-profit organization may not be enough. Inducting corporate level managers and peers may help in fostering more professional attitude.Potential problems associated with each phase of consultation may affect the proposed team building program adversely. Selecting the right consultancy group or company is the most difficult task. Clash of opinions and collision of personalities may hamper both the consultation process and training program.Entry phase: The most crucial part of this phase is contracting.


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