Construction legal procedures

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic construction legal procedures. At the turn of 1983, the United Kingdom witnessed the surfacing of a radical Society of Construction Law. Thereafter, the European Society of Construction Law was established as an umbrella law governing the entire construction industry in the European continent (Comba, 2013, pp.302-310).The first and foremost is the time taken by the planning departments in processing the permits. Some of these departments may take very long time to give the feedback thus discouraging the investment approach of the construction works.(Nunnally, 2004)recommended a follow up on the progress of the processing of the permit in order to put more pressure on the planning departments to issue permits on time.Procedures associated with regulation, practises and legislation is too cumbersome and weary. These is because the government through its parliament make changes every time concerning the regulation and standards of the construction. This as a result lengthen the procedures associated with permit issuance.Construction permits are always subjected to various reforms and changes which have no proper definition hence not fully implemented. The reforms are always short-lived and before implementing the proposed rules and regulations, others will have come by thereby in the long run lengthening the process of permits(Nunnally, 2004)Another challenge conflict by the local residents and the community in general. The construction will not be granted permit to start the construction work when there are conflicts in the area of construction. This happens in most cases due to failure by the construction company to involve the local community in the project contract. Before any contract project commences, the community must understand well the benefits and impacts of the project in their lives. Involvement can be done through various channels such as communication through print media, meetings, and seminars among many others.

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