Confucius lives next door

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Submit a paper on analysis of Confucius lives next door by reid tr.

As stated in the book, Reid was overwhelmed after experiencing the culture, discipline and loyalty of the Chinese. Reid also mentioned in the book that Confucian virtue not only focuses on the cultures and values but also focuses on the education and group harmony of the people of the countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. According to the assessment of ‘Asian Miracle’, Reid had stated about the Asian countries economic conditions. Before coming to the Asian countries Reid’s view was different about the Countries and about the people. Reid thought that Western countries are more stable than Asian Countries. Therefore, after the stunning economic growth experienced by Japan Reid could no more calculate the country to be poor. Reid was amazed after witnessing the growth and he praised the mix cultures of eastern countries., Reid also mentions about the “rice bowl culture”, “chopstick culture”, wet rice cultivation at the time of assessment of the book “Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in The East Teaches Us About Living in the West.” Reid assessed the cultural mix, which supported the countries to raise its economy and gain a strong position (Reid 14, 227-28).According to my point of view, Reid assessment of the “Asian Miracle” is correct.

He had purely described his view about the Asian Miracle. He had correctly explained the post as well as the present scenario of Asian Miracle. Besides, He was an American reporter and had compared the economic as well as cultural background efficiently of both west and east According to the Confucianism, Asian Cultures main aspect is to respect humanity and polity interact with others. During the social interaction, people meet others with over politeness and always carry a good posture and gesture among the society as well as create a positive impact in the mind of the people. Reid had also written about the social ethics,&nbsp. the culture of Chinese society and how the Japanese culture had created an impact in the mind of the people.

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