Conduct of warfare in the ancient world

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Write a 7 page essay on How did changes in technology affect the conduct of warfare in the ancient world.Battles were primarily fought for two reasons that include defense and expansion. Egyptians had to face invasions from their neighboring dominions, while for Greeks. Persian Empire was their major threat. Raising armies and developing state of the art weaponry was essential for the survival of both the empires. The changes in the technology paved the way to glory for both the empires in their respected periods of history. The main emphasis of this discussion will be on the technological analysis of the empires from the ancient world. The New Kingdom of Egypt and the Classical Ages of Greek Empire will be discussed here in detail.It was the Seventeenth Dynasty that brought an end to the rule of Hyksos, and paved the way for the Egyptians to take charge of the land. Once the center was under the control of the Egyptians, the era of the New Kingdom commenced. Three dynasties ruled Egypt during this phase of the Ancient Egypt. they include the Eighteenth Dynasty, the Nineteenth Dynasty and the Twentieth Dynasty (McDermott, 2004). Until the Second Intermediate Period, there was no organized army of the Egyptians. During the times of war, the governors of the states were ordered by the kings to arrange men for the battle. The New Kingdom of Egypt was the era of reconstruction, innovation and expansion. During this period the Egyptian Kingdom attained its maximum size (Shaw, 1991). It was economically more stable considering the commerce and trade that brought in gold and ivory in return of the agricultural produce. Unlike, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom did not focused on the common man, however, during this period the social order was kept intact. Pharaohs were once again the center of all attention, and a major chunk of man power was assigned to build new pyramids, and burial places for the kings (Healy, 1992).The reign of Hyksos over the deltas of Nile taught Egyptians a number of things. Their rule in the region inspired the future

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