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The fact is that many end up specializing in finance as a major. Accountant on their part do the same subjects as their counterparts but take accounts as a major. In terms of salary, both professions fall in the same salary bracket of $1000 but financial analyst who performs consultancy duties tend to earn averagely higher than their counterparts in accounts. Salary is determined by the organizations the individuals work but comparatively, financial analysts earn slightly higher than their counterparts in accounting professional incorporating Kuder results, accountants always feel more accomplished and feel that they directly contribute to the success of the business as they involved in daily operations.

Financial analysts have a great sense of prestige as they feel that the decisions they make forms the financial path the business eventually takes. Compared to accountants Opportunity for advancement in the financial analyst profession is vast and he has an opportunity to interact with many organizations in his line of duty especially those in financial consultancy (Carter et al.

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