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Conduct a brief participant observation

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Conduct a brief participant observation.The first thing I noticed about the place though was the fact that the regular customers were mostly adults. It was easy to spot regulars for they seem to know every corner of the place knowing exactly what they would have for the day and with a single bite, knows exactly how they taste like. However, even though the food that is served in the restaurant was obviously loaded with fats and oil, most of their regulars were unexpectedly not obese. In fact, most of them if they do not have lean body structure, they appear to have only a few more pounds than the appropriate body weight. This could be because of the fact that these people work hard enough that they use up all the energy they obtained from this greasy restaurant.About ninety percent of the customers are blue-collar workers from the nearby construction, maids, cops and students. Within almost two hours that I have stayed there watching customers come and go, there was only one person wearing a decent suit who dropped by and went off as soon as he had his food. Apparently, a huge majority of the people who came by the shop do not intend to stay longer in the place. Most likely because they still have to go back to work or they do not find the place comfortable enough for them to spend to. It could, however, be because they make room for other customers who will be coming by to have their piece of meal for the


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