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Concept of jihad

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Write a research paper on the concept of jihad. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.it means duty mindedness, groups interpret the same as a tool to exert their influence, individuals consider it as their duty, the U.S authorities interpret it as the influence of fundamentalism on religious belief and the reason behind terrorism, Muslim world considers it as the core aspect of their belief, and the rest of the world considers it as the reason behind religious intolerance or fundamentalism.

This section of the research work is divided as: jihad, differences in meaning, for groups and individuals, implication of jihad for the U.S., implication of jihad for the Muslim world, and implication of jihad for the rest of the world.Basically, the word jihad possesses inner meaning, i.e. duty mindedness of the believers. To be specific, this word denotes the inner struggle faced by the believers while proving their devotion to the almighty. On the other side, Shia Muslims interpret this word differently because they consider that it is their duty act against the infidels in general. Gilles Kepel states that, “By designating, in the Muslim context, all efforts to propagate Islam as “jihad”, in their eyes the word comes to signify a holy war against all “infidels” who they stigmatize as such” (x). To be specific, this sect of Muslims provides importance to the violent aspect of jihad. When one provides importance to the inner struggle faced by the believers, jihad becomes non-violent. When one provides importance to the exhibition of physical struggle, jihad is misinterpreted and misunderstood as a violent act. Still, some followers consider that spiritual struggle cannot help one to be with the almighty. Then, the violent aspect of jihad gains upper hand and results in drastic after effects. When the term jihad is superimposed into the context of religious belief, one can see that the same is less violent. Then, the struggle against the disbelievers will be transformed into the struggle to transform the society. In the religious text, jihad is…….


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