Computing object oriented modelling

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Prepare and submit a paper on computing;object oriented modelling. Software having a large amount of programmers and developers associated with it are bound to cause confusion if their processing life cycle is not properly documented and diagrammed. Object Oriented Modeling is used during the requirements analysis and design phases of a software life cycle to properly document the features that are expected from the software. 90% of process modeling is done in the object oriented fashion due to its wide acceptance.When object oriented modeling was first introduced it was the target of a lot of criticism and a lot of languages claimed to be perfect for it. Later, UML (unified modeling language) was accepted as a standard. UML is a standard for object oriented modeling. Therefore, Object oriented modeling is a design technique used to model different objects (entities) participating or interacting with a system. After understanding what object oriented modeling is all about we must strive to answer the question whether it is worth spending time doing it.The basic reason for creating a proper documentation is to facilitate software reuse. Software reuse could be defined as , “placing reusable chunks of software on a shelf in a reuse library and then hoping that someone will later reuse these already written, already tested, already commercially hardened chunks of code in other applications, with great savings in cost and time.” (“Software Reuse and Software Product Lines” by the course of development of Information technology, IT professionals have realized that if software are developed systematically and not in an ad hoc fashion then their different modules could be used to facilitate different other software developments as well. Object oriented modeling could be an important tool for software reusability. Two factors make object oriented modeling really useful in the reusability of different software components.

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