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Comprehensive Analysis

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Assignment 4: Intel and AMAT 2012-2013 Comprehensive Analysis Value: 10% of final grade (84 MARKS)Due: Week 12Instructions: Calculate key financial ratios for all year presented. You will need to complete the cash flow statement and all ratios will be calculated by the template. Note: allocate the negative restructuring and impairment in AMAT (2011) to stock based compensation on the cash flow (10 Marks).

  • Using the library, find industry averages to compare to the calculations in CSI Market.com – it is a good website to find industry averages (Alternatively – Factset) (12 Marks).
  • Prepare a comprehensive analysis of both companies.

This should include an evaluation of:

  • Short term liquidity (4 Marks)- Operating efficiency (4 Marks)- Capital structure (4 Marks)- Long term solvency (4 Marks)- Profitability (4 Marks)- Market measures (4 Marks)
  • In addition, include a discussion of any quality of financial reporting issues (6 marks).
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of both company (12 Marks).
  • Discuss the investment potential and the creditworthiness of both company (6 Marks).
  • Report will be graded for correct grammar, spelling and professional presentation (14 Marks).
  • Assignment is to be submitted via Dropbox BEFORE the start of Week 12 in-class session.


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