Composition of I’mminerals

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Compared to Hawaii, How relatively silicic (silica rich) is the crust melted in this scenario?HAITIEmber , the composition of a magma DEFIEnds and 1 1 the minerals. in the plate that melted , and 21 the path the magine takes to reach the surface ICECAUSE it melts racks that it touches along the way! !WE now knowy that heat transfer from the hotspot Infer the outer core! to the Oceanic plate leads to matic or low silice basaltic lava at Hawail .Compared to Hawall , how relatively alllate fallice rich ; Is. the crust melted In this scenario?*Consider the composition of I’mminerals found in ) the continental crust . Upon which the Cascade volcanic and is builtFlux melting & subduction zonesVolcanic are .“FILETellingwhenSeawater isMahaadded toThe hotmanville*Volatile’s`Mar incmetling TallCommon volatiles include`a hot rock ,HOO and [O, Thesesubstances`Are brought intoFaith thrusubduction zones in*Sentiment and fractures in*the subducting Chirst .crust leads` more*Belsic meltComposition Rhyolitic*DaciticAndesitic*BasalticSilica content| 70}|50196Eruption temperature 750- 90.0 90`OR – 100 090Viscosity ( water = Don poise )1 X 10′ FOR` * 10^ Fois“0 poiseGas content\5.092.09ExplosivenessMore ExplosiveLESS EXPLOSIVELEVE CONTESTVolcanic productsShield volcanoesVolcano typesOrder COMESComposite volcanoesChannel Complexesc Z10 Person Education be`Elect One :"& . Melt’s more matic magma overal6 . Melt is more*& co magma overE! !MEIt is. the same basaltic magma*`J . Melt is the same myalitic magmizE. All of these

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