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Compliance with ethical standards

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The organization where you work or aspire to work is asking you to present an action plan to ensure compliance with ethical standards. Considering this request, develop an action plan (6 pages) based on a target ethical area related to the organization.The plan needs to include the following:

Identify the current ethical standards or code of ethics of your organization.

Provide a brief synopsis about the main points stated in the ethical code. Use it as a the tool for creating the action plan.

Propose the goals for your plan. Indicate the various ways and methods you would use to disseminate ethical standards in your organization. Include one example of a resource, tool (flyer, message, poster, etc.) you would use to promote ethics in your targeted organization.

Describe how ethical behaviors and practices will be measured in meaningful and practical ways (What will evidence adherence to ethical standards?).

Clearly state how a leader in an organization might use those measures. Providea list of suggested references and materials (at least five) a leader would use to support ongoing knowledge on ethics.


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