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Competitive Analysis

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Write an essay on Competitive Analysis. Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!p and based on its international expansion in different regions like Portugal, New York and Paris it tended to reflect a fashion icon of Spanish fashion (Loeb, 2013). Total number of stores created by Zara by the close of 2013 amounted to 1,763 which along with its other family brands like Pull and Bear, Oysho and Massimo Dutti tend to meet the demands of customers reflecting different attitudes and preferences (don Quijote Salamanca S.L., 2014). Potential competitors of Zara relate to Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) and Topshop that specifically operate to meet the needs of the luxury and women customers (Doran, 2014). Another potential competitor of Zara relate to Mango that operates in meeting the demands of trendy wear for both male and female customers. Both Zara and Mango operate in the luxury segment through exclusive retail outlets and also departmental stores. The two companies focus on promoting its merchandises based on the use of website and Facebook as the primary advertising mediums (Zara, 2013).2. Direct competitors of Zara relates to the fashion retail companies like H&M, Topshop and Mango that essentially operate in the fashion retail segment. These companies are identified as direct competitors in that they directly compete with Zara in the luxury fashion garment. On the contrary the indirect competitors are identified to be such companies that though belong to the same business as the company cater to related customers outside the market periphery of the initial company (Glassman, 2010). Cortefiel is observed to be an indirect competitor to the Spanish fashion retailer Zara in that it operates as a Spanish fashion retailer that offers different products and brands to the regional customer base (Grupo Cortefiel , 2010).The background of the research is to understand the competitive potential of Zara both in the Spanish and the global retail market. It would aim to understand and evaluate the areas where Zara is losing its market to its competitors


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