Comparison of the epics

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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Comparison of the epics The Song of Roland and Beowulf.In this essay is discussed the saga of The Song of Roland and the reflection on the poem gives us a complete analysis of the story of the apple within this saga. The way of writing is talked of and the various interpretations within the story are discussed and described in a complete manner leaving no questions in the readers’ minds.The book compares the two stories in question on page 18 and few pages onwards. Since an expert opinion is being provided regarding how similar or different Beowulf and The Song of Roland are, this is an excellent source for the current essay.This article talks about the traditional explanations that have been given of the poem The Song of Roland. According to the author there has not been any actual and complete analysis of the poem and he takes upon himself to talk about it and discuss it fully. He talks of all the concepts and themes included within the poem and he very clearly puts forward his views. The article gives us a proper interpretation of the poem and considers all aspects, allowing us to compare it with Beowulf more easily.From this book we are able to read the original Beowulf all thanks to Charles Eliot who took the pains of editing it. The book tells the story of Beowulf in all details and serves a great and resourceful reference for us to be able to use it for comparison with The Song of Roland, or any other saga for that matter.This book relates the stories of The Song of Roland and Beowulf. Since the book is a translation of the original epics it serves to be a very good source for comparing the two with each other. One can read the whole story through this book and even use quotes from it to validate their points.The main topic of this essay is that the poem in question talks about a new order of Christianity. The author talks about the differentiations between various religions like Christianity, Islam and Judaism. He talks about the character of Ganelon and his involvement

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