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The X company is considering the acquisition of a new processor that has an estimated installed cost of $57,000. The processor has an expected life of 5 years and will be depreciated over a 5 year ACRS life to a zero salvage value. However, it is expected that the processor can be sold at that time for $6,000. If purchased, the entire $57,000 would be borrowed at an interest rate of 9%. A capital budgeting analysis results in a positive NPV for the project. An alternative to purchase is to lease the asset for an annual lease payment of $13,500. The lease includes maintenance services estimated to cost Company C $3,000 per year if they were not included in the lease payment. Company C’s cost of capital is 11% and its marginal tax rate is 34%. Evaluate the purchase and lease options and make a recommendation of which is preferred.¬†ANSWERSOption 1 – Buying a processorCost57,000.00Life5.00 yrsDepreciation11,400.00Salvage Value6,000.00Tax34%Depreciation Tax Shield3,876.00Cash Outflow57000Cash Inflow3876Pv of…


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