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Please help me with the following questions. Describe how the imagery used and contributes or not to a potentially better decision regarding the scenario. Why? How might you use brainwriting in a work team or in the family team to make a better decision? Explain.

Scenario: You are on the mayor’s civic team to consider a community problem. This town of 3,000 people has recently seen a large upswing in population. As the community has grown so has the need for affordable housing for lower income groups, especially since many employees at the plants from the next town away tend to come over to Hitton to live as the town has a good K-12 school. The mayor has convened a group of civic-minded citizens to consider his plan for affordable housing in the form of multiple family dwellings and provides a map concerning the proposed location. The town council has already approved the housing. Your civic team gets together to consider what to do.

The five (5) person team begins:

Ronny: What does the mayor mean by lower income groups anyway? I don’t want any unemployed homeless people hanging around my neighborhood! Are we talking subsidized housing? I don’t want to pay for someone else’s home!

Natalie: Well, I think he wants us to look at housing for retail and physical labor workers as these folks just can’t find any affordable housing these days around here. Somebody who makes $20,000-$30,000 per year cannot afford the $250,000 homes and up that exist in this community. The nearest community with affordable housing is 45 minutes away which is costly in terms of gas, never mind the time commuting.

Carolynn: Exactly Natalie! We need to provide some kind of apartments and small single family housing.

Bart: Well, I don’t know about the location either. I think we need someone to lead the discussion, and I nominate you! (i.e., pointing to you).

You: Well, how does everyone feel about that idea?

Ronny, Natalie, and Carolynn agree that you should lead the discussion.

You: I think we will first need to define the problem here.


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