Community policing in minority

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Prepare and submit a term paper on Why is community policing in minority, ethnic, and immigrant communities crucial to the success of law enforcement in any given city or rural community Give an example. Reference any sources of information used in your answer, including your textbook. Your paper should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Significance of Community Policing Significance of Community Policing Community policing refers to the collaboration between the police and the community geared at identifying and solving community problems in an effort to enhance the safety and quality of neighbourhoods. Law enforcement agencies have a long and difficult history of mistrust and strained relations with minorities, ethnic, and immigrant communities. The minority communities frequently feel “over-policed” and under-protected, which heightens mistrust and perceptions of unfair treatment. The growing significance of large and diverse numbers of immigrants coupled with an increasing threat of terrorism and ethnic gangs has forced realignment of law enforcement agencies in matters regarding community policing.Crime prevention is the responsibility of everyone. its effectiveness hinges on the cooperation of all elements of the community inclusive of minority, ethnic, and immigrant communities. Engaging the minority and immigrant communities aids in diluting the barriers of apathy and mistrust and forging meaningful partnerships between law enforcement and the minority and immigrant communities (Bowling & Philips, 2003). The building of trusting relationships is crucial to the reduction of crime and prevention of terrorism.Community policing in minority, ethnic, and immigrant communities is essential to the success of law enforcement activities within the society. Effective and productive policing activities depend on the input of residents inclusive of minorities and immigrant communities. Nevertheless, when residents lack key ingredients such as confidence and trust, as is often the case of minorities and immigrant communities, it is almost impossible for the police to establish a working relationship with the minorities. In addition, community policing is critical to building legitimacy of law enforcement agencies in the eyes of the minorities, which is essential to the success of law enforcement in solving and preventing crime (Bowling & Philips, 2003).The building of trustworthy relationships is challenging due to the litany of strained and often volatile relationships between law enforcement agencies and the minorities. The impediments that constrain the emergence of trustworthy relationships such as fear of deportation, cultural misconstructions, as well as language and communication barriers, should be resolved so as to enhance community policing. Diversity should be institutionalized throughout the fabric of community policing by availing law enforcement agencies with information regarding diverse cultures, and enhancing access to minority and immigrant communities.ReferencesBowling, B. & Philips, C. (2003). Policing ethnic minority communities. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing Ltd.

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