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Compose a 250 words assignment on the college major. Needs to be plagiarism free! MLS Cause and Effect – Essay Your College Major Engineering is the perfect fit for me because it gives me the opportunity to showcase my skillsin a manner takes advantage of my strengths. The reason I chose engineering as my college major is because Im good with math, others suggested that I take it, it is a good all-round major, and my father supports my choice. Through taking this major, I will be able to get a good job, the pay will be above average, my parents will feel proud of me, and I will become a smart man.One of the reasons why I chose engineering as my college major is because I am good with numbers. This subject requires individuals to think very quickly and perform multiple additions and subtractions. My expertise in numbers can give me an advantage over the other students. Also, some of my closest peers suggested that I take this major because they see it can be a good fit for me. These people are only trying to help, so it is important that I listen to their advice. Besides, engineering as a major is well-respected in society because of the high importance associated with it. Finally, my father also supports my decisions, and family support will be crucial for me to complete the course.In taking this major, I will likely find a good job with a high salary. Engineers are almost always in high demand, so I should have little trouble finding some work. Also, my parents will feel proud that I have made it as an individual in society. Finally, I will become a smart man because of the experience I will gain.Engineering will be a good option for me because of the reasons listed above. There are some people who are critical of engineering majors by saying that there is not a shortage of scientists and engineers and we should not be pushing young graduates into those fields (Crux Guest Blogger). I beg to differ because I know that I was born to become an engineer.Work CitedCrux Guest Blogger. No, America Does NOT Need More Scientists and Engineers. 13 Jun. 2012. 1 Apr. 2013 .

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