Collection risk of receivables

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

1- Which of the following is not true about analyzing the collection risk of receivables?One needs to determine the portion of receivables that are renewals of prior accounts or notes receivable.Customer concentration—risk decreases when receivables are concentrated in one or a few customers.One needs to compare the company’s receivables as a percentage of sales with those of the company’s competitorsAnalysis must rely on our knowledge of industry conditions to reliably assess the provision for uncollectibles.2- Which of the following is not an example of intangible asset? Licenses, franchises, memberships, and customer listsSpecial formulas, processes, technologies, and designReputation, privilege and relationship with governmentExploration rights and natural resource development costs3-  What is one criterion a company uses to decide whether an intangible asset should be recorded on the balance sheet or not?Whether it’s inseparable from a company or its segmentwhether it has indefinite benefit periodsWhether it experiences large valuation changes based on competitive circumstances.Whether it’s purchased

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