Cloud Computing

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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Cloud Computing. According to the research findings the use of cloud computing in businesses exhibits the characteristics of empowerment, agility, reduction of costs involved, device along with location independence and virtualization. It also allows for multi-tenancy, reliability, scalability, performance, security and maintenance of the various applications being utilized in a business. Through empowerment, the concept of cloud computing facilitates the users with the control of all the resources at their disposal. Its agility can always be improved with their user’s ability of re-provisioning technological infrastructural resources. These technologies usually provide interfaces that allow many users to communicate and share resources such as software. Another major advantage of using cloud computing is that it enables users to get accessibility to various systems by using only web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet explorer. The advantage achieved through the process of virtualization enables the transfer and sharing of resources from one server to another. Multi-tenancy in a cloud computing environment facilitates large pools of users in sharing resources in a business environment, and this minimizes the costs incurred in maintaining the computers. This can easily be achieved through centralization, having peak-load capacities and increasing their utilization and efficiencies. The reliability of cloud computing can be augmented through the use of multiple sites that are redundant. Finally, security is usually achieved through data centralization, increasing the focus on security resources. The maintenance of resources within a cloud computing environment is very easy. This is because the applications do not have to be individually installed in each computer in the business (Buyya, Brogerg & Goscinski, 2011). The applications have their own benefits and limits when being utilized in a business environment. For example, in the usage of an application in a business environment that supports controls on quality and assurance functions, one must consider the various benefits and limits that come with it (Shroff, 2010). The issues of the application tracking the parts that have been rejected while taking actions that are corrective in reconciling the parts to manufacture in the future should be greatly considered. The supporting of similar activities will ensure that the customers to a business remain willing to do business with a company since the quality of their products is always assured. Cloud computing is also quite vital when supporting purchasing along with inventory control systems and firm’s requirements in the manufacturing process.

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