Cloning and Expression of the Peanut

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Complete 24 page APA formatted essay: Cloning and Expression of the Peanut Allergen, Ara h2.02 in E.coli. allergic reaction is influenced by some factors such as genetic predisposition (atopy), age, type of food allergen, nature of any food processing, environmental, and physiological conditions (Taylor and Hefle 2001). Sampson (2005) claims that exercise, medications, alcohol consumption, and asthma may increase the severity of an allergic reaction. The majority of severe and fatal allergic reactions to foods have appeared in adolescents and teens that were highly atopic and had a history of asthma (Sampson 2003b. Pumphrey 2004). In general, it is assumed that the history of severe allergic reaction indicates an increased danger of imminent severe reactions. However, a history of mild responses does not prevent the risk of a future severe reaction. Sicherer et al. (1998) note that mild reactions to peanut during childhood can be more severe during adulthood and later childhood. This may be caused by tendency of the children to develop asthma later in life (Sampson 2005).

Pumphrey (2004) shows in his review article on anaphylactic fatalities in United Kingdom that 85 percent of fatal food reactions on the patient did not experience a severe reaction. The author also states that the severity of past responses is not a possibility for having a fatal reaction in nut allergic patients. Studies also implied that an individual that has a clinical history of IgE-specific food allergy may be inclined to anaphylaxis or severe reaction. Estimate shows that 35 percent of the children are affected by allergy III and IV and the most common signs of allergy in children are: (1) food allergy, (2) atopic dermatitis, (3) asthma, and (4) allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis. Allergic diseases are carried on in families. If the parents have allergies, the child has a 40 to 60 percent chance of developing allergies. Also, if only one of the parents has an allergy the risk is about 20 to 40 percent. However, if both parents do not have allergies, there still exists a risk for the child to

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