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Joe is a np student entering his second clinical rotation. He received positive feedback and evaluation from his first preceptor who was physician very experienced in clinical education of NPs, PAs, and medical residents. For the current clinical experience he is at a busy federally qualified health center with a large immigrant population that are mainly Spanish speaking. He has started taking a medical Spanish course to help him communicate with these patients as well as in the future as a NP. He has had 2 full clinical days. The preceptor is fairly new with only two years experience. The first day he followed the preceptor and did not see any patients on his own. The second day he was directed to see a patient but was to be done in 10 minutes for the preceptor to come in and go over the history and physical herself before they made a plan of care. The patient was a 62 year old with a history of diabetes, hypertension, and depression. He didn’t speak much English so Joe had to use the translation phone services. By the time he got the translation service on the phone the 10 minutes was up. The preceptor entered the room and was frustrated that he had not completed the history and physical so she took over with Joe shadowing again. The next patient was a 21 year old there for contraceptive options. Joe had not covered this topic in school yet and had to go inform his preceptor of this. The preceptor was visually frustrated and said they would have a talk later, that this did not seem to be going well as a clinical experience for him and she was to busy to have such an “inexperienced student”.

Discussion Questions

  • How could this situation have been avoided?
  • Are there steps to prepare preceptor for what to expect with different students at different levels of experience?
  • Who should Joe reach out to?
  • Who should the preceptor reach out to? Can this clinical experience work for Joe?


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