Classification of groups in glee

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Write 2 pages thesis on the topic classification of groups in glee (pilot). ?Outline1. Introduction This part introduces the topic and also helps in presenting the thesis statement, which captures the whole paper in one sentence.2. Classification of Characters This part starts by classifying all the characters into three groups3. Explanations of the classificationThis part explains each of the different classifications and why the group behave the way they behave. The different groups include adults, parents and students. A Classification of the Characters in Glee (Pilot)One of the most watched film in the country is Glee, which involves a school musical involving various talented dancers and individuals. A review of the first episode Glee (Pilot) helps in classifying all the characters in this film. Most of the dominant groups in this film include parents, adults and students. Parents Rachel’s parentsPhil’s mother Phin’s mother’s boyfriendAdultsPrincipal FigginsMr Shu- Will SandyEmma Terri-Wills wifeThe guitarist TeddySuePhinKenStudentsRachel BerryMercede JonesKurt HummelArtie AbramsTina ParentsThis group consists of adults whose role is shaping the lives of the young students apart from being their parents. From what can be observed from some of the parents involved in this film, parenting is not easy and parenting also shapes a child life. For example, Phin’s mother is single but has a boyfriend who is friendly with her son and encourages him into realizing his potential. However, he separates from Phin’s mother leaving Phin to take of his mother alone. Eventually, he is forced to sell drugs in order to sustain his mother (Murphy).AdultsIn this group include teachers, trainers and guitarists. One of the most notable characters in this category is Mr. Shu also known as Will. Through his determination and his belief in the school student’s he develops a choir and also helps some in unlocking their potential. For example, he helps Phin in realizing who he is and in embracing his singing abilities. He also helps in bringing together the choir as one and also makes them belief in themselves. Another notable adult is the principal whose command on other teachers is spectacular. Through his leadership, he is able to command everyone under him. He is also able to maintain law and order in the school. StudentsThis group is made up of various students with the major ones being the singers and the dancers. The students are quite young and their interests are way different from the adult’s interests. However, one of the most notable aspects of this group is their talent either in basketball or in the choir. Some of them like Phin has dual talents meaning that they can sing as well as manage in other areas since Phil is also an important player. The only thing missing in this group is their love for education since they claim that they won’t make it past high school. However, from their enthusiasm, it is clear that most of these students are headed for bigger things than what they can see. In fact, before the film come to an end some of them like Phin ends up realizing who they are and what they need for a bright future. Works CitedMurphy Ryan. Glee (Pilot). YouTube. Web. April 10, 2015.

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