Classical economics & Keynesian Economics

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Part I:  Look up the terms “Classical Economics” & “Keynesian Economics.” Briefly define them.  Now that you understand fiscal and monetary policy and the impacts, which approach to economic challenges is best and why?  Your post must be at least 6 sentences.  Properly cite any referenced material using APA citations.Part II:  For the country that you are assigned to for your project ( Country Assignments for Project ), discuss at least one current monetary policy strategies that are being used (use something from the past 6 years).  Hint:  Refer to Chapter 16 to see examples of monetary policy tools.  What types of problems is the central bank trying to address?  Are their strategies successful? This must be at least 8 sentences in length.  Properly cite any referenced material using APA citations. My country is Sweden.Part III:  Reply to one of your classmate’s posts.  Ensure to discuss the differences in monetary policy approaches between the country for your research project and your classmate’s research project. This must be at least 8 sentences in length for each reply.

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