Classical and Neoclasical Theories

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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Classical and Neoclasical Theories and Criminology.On the contrary, it advocates that a person should be given a tough punishment in order to deter others from committing crime. For instance, when a person steals something small, the punishment should be huge in order for the people to learn a lesson and not to make similar choices.Neo-classical criminology theory has a limit when trying manipulating the environment in order to decrease the opportunity for crime. When using this theory, the interventions should only affect only those who have been pinpointed to have potential to commit crime. This is because trying to change the whole society might have devastating effects to those who had no plans to commit crime. On the other hand, in classical theory, while concentrating on the crime and the person who have committed it, it is very significant to limit the investigations on the person and the aspects that led to crime (Williams 13). In addition, it is important to ensure that the punishment does not force the person to commit another crime in

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