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by | Aug 18, 2021 | Assignment

Using the “Class Profile” document, choose a grade level and develop a comprehensive classroom and communication management plan. Many of your prior assignments can be compiled and reviewed, based on your instructor√Ęs feedback, to complete this benchmark. Your comprehensive classroom- and communication-management plan should include the following elements:Introduction with purpose statement for creating a classroom and communication management plan and table of contents.Drawing of your classroom arrangement.Description of five classroom routines and how you will teach them, including the use of technology.Description of three classroom expectations and rules and how you will teach them.Description of behavior reduction strategies and how they will be utilized.Description of how you will communicate with and establish and maintain positiverelationships with families.Description of how data related to student behaviors and responses will be collected and used to inform classroom-management practices.An overall intent to create a positive, student-centered, supportive learningenvironment.Your plan should be supported by research.

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