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Civil Rights and Taxes

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Write an argumentative essay on Civil Rights and Taxes. Needs to be 5 pages.This is where Civil Rights bridge the Constitution to make certain that those who were previously excluded from the Human Rights that existed, to guarantee they would not be overlooked any longer. The fight for those Civil Rights was a long and difficult road that still to this day remains a struggle because there are always new issues to replace the old. Civil Rights continue to deal with issues of race and religion, as well as, sexual preference and marriage and age discrimination. Overall the arena of Civil Rights is one of social concern it is rarely related directly to economical issues. So it may sound a bit unusual to discuss taxes in relation to the Civil Rights issues, but there is a certain amount of overlay. Taxes were designed as monies taken legally by the government fromthe citizens to participate in the funding of this country that we live in and enjoy. However, what happen when the taking of those taxes contradict the personal Civil Rights of individuals forcing citizens to financially participate in government endeavors that subverts their Civil Rights? It can happen and may continue to do so. That being said, it is entirely possible for taxes to violate the Civil Rights of the citizens of the United States.When this country was founded it was operated by wealthy, white male citizens. The rights they granted, primarily, benefited them, socially, politically, and economically. They were, by no means, malicious in their construct, but they were self-servingly inclusive. They excluded women. They excluded African Americans who were held in captivity and property for generations, as well as alienating other minority groups throughout time. P.B. Levy in his book “The Civil Rights Movement” gave a chronological list of all the incredible work done to gain Civil Rights for all the people who live in this country. From the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 to the ratifying of the


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