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Citizenship behaviors

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Follows these instructions to find the  article I want you to read:1. Go to the LTU Library website: https://www.ltu.edu/library/ (Links to an external site.)2. Access the “Business Source Complete” database (in the  Panel, Databases A-Z). If you see a “BlackBoard” login, just use your  Canvas credentials…they are the same.3. In the Business Source Complete database enter the following  search string in the top row: “how to motivate employees”, select “TI  Title” for the search type instead of the default “Select a field  (optional)”, then click Search.4.  Find the Harvard Business Review article: “How to  Motivate Employees to Go Beyond Their Jobs.” By: Bolino, Mark C.; Klotz,  Anthony C., Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. 9/15/2017, p2-4.  3p.The full APA citation for the article is:Bolino, M. C., & Klotz, A. C. (2017).

How to Motivate Employees to Go Beyond Their Jobs. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles, 2–4.5. Click on”PDF Full Text” to open the article as a pdf file, then  save the pdf file on your computer by clicking the downward arrow in the  upper right. The arrow is between the rotate icon and the print icon.  Move your mouse over the paper to see the toolbar which contains the  arrow.6. Open the pdf file from your computer so that you can read it and  enter responses into this Discussion or you can write your answers in  Word and then paste them here.  Answer the following 4 questions and  reply to someone else’s answer to Q4.

Q1. How do the authors define “citizenship behaviors” and “citizenship fatigue”?

Q2. What is the one method mentioned in the article that  managers can use to motivate employees to find better ways for  demonstrating citizenship behaviors?

Q3. How does your answer to Q2 impact managers (i.e, leaders) and employees alike (i.e., followers)? 

Q4. What are some examples of citizenship behaviors that you have displayed in the workplace or in school?


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