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Citing Jihad vs McWorld

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1 A.) Citing “Jihad vs. McWorld,” how does Barber (1992) define McWorld? Define and discuss one of the four imperatives that make up the dynamic of McWorld.B.) Which one of the four imperatives have you experienced, seen, or heard about most frequently in your life? Explain your experiences with this imperative.2.  A.) Drawing from “The Pros and Cons of Globalization,” summarize at least three of the pros and three of the cons of globalization.B.) In your professional career, do the pros of globalization outweigh the cons? Or do the cons of globalization outweigh the pros? Explain why.3.   A.) In “What Americans can learn from other food cultures,” summarize at least three ways in which Choi (2014) defines American cuisine.B.) What does the food you eat every day say about your personal identity? Be sure to provide examples.4.   A.) In “What Americans can learn from other food cultures,” Choi (2014) discusses food as identity, food as survival, food as status, food as pleasure, food as community, and food as humanity. Summarize one of these concepts.B.) Apply the concept from Part A to your personal relationship with food5.  A.) How does Chef Edward Lee describe American cuisine in the podcast episode of “The Takeaway?” Be sure to use specific examples from the podcast.B.) Compare and contrast Chef Lee’s definition with your personal relationship with American cuisine.


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