Christian faith

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Create a thesis and an outline on Christian Faith. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In order to understand the faith of Christians, it is very important to identify and discuss some of the major components of Christianity that are followed and practiced by Christians around the globe. Nowadays, the world is suffering from tormented sufferings due to the different wars, poverty, unemployment, fraud, and a number of other factors that have anguished this globe at a very greater extent. Still, a huge number of inhabitants are strong in their faith on the Jesus Christ and other imperative components of the Christianity. ChristianityJesus of Nazareth has centered His teachings on life according to the New Testament, and a monotheistic religion was formed that is referred as Christianity. Old Testament has prophesied the Jesus as the Son of God, as well as, the Messiah for the world. According to the consensus of the year 2005, there were estimated 2.2 billion adherents, which made the Christianity as the largest religion with the highest number of followers around the world. (McGrath, 2006) Europe, America, Australia, and the Philippine Islands are some of the locations, where the religion is predominant as compared with the other locations. In addition, New Zealand, and Sub-Saharan Africa have also major number of the Christian believers in their region. Nowadays, Africa and Asia are also predominating in this religion rapidly. China and South Korea are the particular ones in this regard.A significant diversity of belief has always been observed within the Christianity. Certain core doctrines have been considered as the essential one by mainstream of the Christianity.

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