Chinese dessert culture

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Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Chinese dessert culture.This is according to 2013 population estimate. This is a population big enough to call for business establishments that support their culture. Naturally, human will tend to congregate in areas where they believe other “families’’ are found. This together with other factors formed the basis on which mango medley restaurant together with other restaurant offering the same services were founded.Mango medley was started to focus Asian community living in sun set area as the target market but has since diversified the market to include also the locals by providing a variety of cuisine at a fairly cheaper prices as had been discussed above. Currently the Asians form center of interest due to their large size and due the fact that their population is increasing faster relative to others. This promises a bright future for business. Diversifying the market to also include other locals in the dishes they provide is also a strategy to beat the competition and keep customers locked. This will be facilitated by providing everything they need in terms of variety of dishes specific to the needs of each customers. According to (Kathy Lin,2000), shopping for fresh food is essential for Chinese cooking, “this is something that is taken seriously by Mango Medley restaurant by ordering fresh fish from Tokyo” notes an observer.Asians being people who value their culture so much, have shown a biased towards cuisines from other regions but the east. This to me explains why there has been emergence of many dessert restaurant in San Francisco area. Some of the competing restaurants in the above area include but not limited to. Creations, Candybar, Geary street, Kingdom of Dumpling, Old Mandarin, San Tung, Swich and many others. Factors that have promoted emergence of this night restaurants life may be the relaxed legislation that is in Francisco on when business operations should end. There is no

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