Children’s Wear

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I would also need the citations for it.Please number your answers so that it is absolutely clear which question you are responding to. This is a Must Do.Your answer to each question must be clear, concise and thorough.Be sure to cite your sources per APA guidelines.You work for Children’s Wear, a clothing manufacturer. It is a small business and the garments are made for children (both girls and boys) between the ages of 5 – 10.You were recently promoted to the position of Advertising Manager. Within the first week at the new position, you meet with the CEO of your company, Mrs. Pinafore.Mrs. Pinafore entrusts you with the following information. She is going to launch a new line of garments which will hit the market right before Easter. It is the 2019 Easter line.You are tasked with developing an advertising program.1. Clearly explain your advertising objective. Why did you choose this objective?2. Which factors will affect your advertising budget decision? Why? Explain clearly.3. You will have to develop the advertising campaign.(i) What will be your message?(ii) Which advertising medium will you use and why?(iii) Who will you want your advertisements to reach and why? Explain this for each of the different media you will use.(iv) How many times a week will you run your advertisements? Explain this for each of the different media you will use.

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