Childhood obesity

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write an article on Childhood Obesity. It needs to be at least 1250 words. This research paper also provides the way to further research by giving an account of the limitations in the field. This paper by Cameron et al. is a perfect research in the area and does not lack in identifying the key issues. This study is of immense importance for researchers who want to get a full grasp on obesity-related issues in children.In this study, Lobstein and Dibb focus their attention on analyzing the effects of food advertisement on childhood obesity. This study provides much information on the nature of advertisements and measures the associated relationship between advertisement and obesity trends. The author concludes that the advertisements, indeed, have an impact on the obesogenic food consumption but denies the notion that it is the sole cause of childhood obesity. The study is particularly useful in understanding the trends and effects of food advertisements on eating and dietary habits of children. The study uses data from various countries and provides a useful analysis in this regard. The major weakness of this study is that it uses approximate figures for all countries, whereas, one country may have different levels of exposure than the others. Hence, the number of unhealthy food commercials watched by children may vary from one country to the other which is not considered in the original study. Regardless of this weakness, this article provides a good understanding f the relationship between unhealthy food consumption and advertisements.

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