Chemistry law

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Chemistry: How to do number one to seven?(Dalton’s Law)WS 6.5 Partial Pressures (Dalton’s Law)don’t forget unitsp = (mol frac) x (P)1. A flask contains Ne at 542 mmHg together with Ar at 234 mmHg. What will the total pressure be?use Dalton’s law)Ans2. A tank is filled with oxygen and nitrogen. The total pressure of the tank is 6.45 atm, and the partialpressure of the nitrogen is 2.07 atm. What is the partial pressure of the oxygen? (use Dalton’s law)Ans3. a) A mixture contains 1.00 moles of CO2, 2.00 moles He, and 3.00 moles of CH4. Which gashas the highest partial pressure?Which gas has the lowest partial pressure?b) If the total pressure of the mixture above is 12.0 atm, what is the Pco2?PHe?PCH4?4. a) 1.25 moles of N2 and 6.41 moles of F2 are placed together in a 128 L tank at 755 mmHg. Whatis N2’s mole fraction in the mixture? What is the partial pressure of the N2?a) Ans:b) What is F2’s mole fraction, and what is the partial pressure of the F2?b) Ans:c) What must the temperature ("C) of the mixture be?Ans5. a) 3.23 g of Ne and 4.19 g of CH4 are placed together in a tank at 5.34 atm and 23*C. What isNe’s mole fraction, and what is the partial pressure of the Ne?a) Ans:b) What must the volume of the tank be? (use ideal gas law)Ans6. A tank contains 5.86 g of Ar and 5.77 g of Ne. The partial pressure of the Ar is 237 mmHg. Whatis Ar’s mole fraction and what is the total pressure of the tank?Ans:7. A flask contains 2.34 x 1022 atoms of He, 0.1972 moles of CO2, and 2.45 g of N2. The partialpressure of the N2 is 2.33 atm. a) What is N2’s mole fraction? b) What is the total pressure of themixture?* Cross off answers as you find them. Circle the left over answer! *Ans: a)Ans(IRO+1): -71 0.163 0.270 0.339 0.379 0.837 -1.34 1.92 2.00 2.02 4.00 4.38 6.00 8.63 123 632 699 776b)Units(IRO+1): atm atm atm atm atm atm mmHg mmHg mmHg mmHg CO2 CH4 L g ‘C (more on page 2)->

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