Charismatic leaders

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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Manegment.My better communication skill and listening skill will help me in getting things done through the workforce in the organization. This will also create a sense of trust among the teams. “Charismatic Leaders, who are building a group, whether it is a political party, a cult or a business team, will often focus strongly on making the group very clear and distinct, separating it from other groups. They will then build the image of the group, in particular in the minds of their followers, as being far superior to all others. The Charismatic Leader will typically attach themselves firmly to the identity of the group, such that to join the group is to become one with the leader. In doing so, they create an unchallengeable position for themselves” (Charismatic Leadership). My percentage in faith in people is 54%. This means that I have low faith in people. This will help me to connect the reality of performance and trust with the people. This rate also indicates my capability to take financial challenges and to create integrity among the work group. My trustworthy score is 47. That means others may feel me as a trustworthy person. This will help me to create a trusting bond between me and the team.I feel that I can improve myself more by improving by presenting more consistency in the commitments and maintaining confidence among the team. My rating in disciplining others is 19. This means my shortcomings in discipline skill. I need to be more conscious in matters regarding taking timely actions, in modulating tones while speaking or discussing about infractions and to be particular about the problems within the organizations. Team building activities helps in developing organizational culture. My team building skill helps in lies in the second quartile with 79 points. I need to be more conscious in developing my skill to motivate and develop the team as a whole. Some more interpersonal skills have to be improved like communication and negotiation. My

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