Characteristics of effective teams

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment

Write an assignment on characteristics of effective teams. Openness was a positive ambiance in the team but the same freedom was taken for granted and the members forgot to empathize with John and Shaun. All the responsibility was overburdened to John and Shaun and it made them weak emotionally and physically. Shaun was yelling and John was cursing himself for what was happening to him which is a perfect reflection of the ineffective team. Shaun could not handle the situation in an emotionally balanced manner and his approach was not constructive. Mutual help was missing among them and frequent discussions on the difficulties they face did not happen. On the whole, the team spirit was missing which let the team down.1) Every team member must be aware of what is in its factor. Each of them must know their goals and what is the personal benefit they get out of the project. Once this awareness exists, eventually this motivates the team and the team members will show a sense of belongingness and accountability.2) Instead of forcing responsibilities to members, self delegation is a better approach which makes them accountable. Conduct meetings and ask team members to volunteer to take responsibilities. Ensure that a leader is declared in the same meeting.3) Organize team meetings frequently and get to discuss problems that the members of the team face. Invite solutions and suggestions from every team member. Appreciate the team members for their smallest effort.4) Team rapport can be built by organizing team hangouts, group lunch /dinner by which a personal bonding is developed. This helps them understand each other better and empathize with each other.

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