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Chapter 8

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Write 1 page essay on the topic CHAPTER 8.When carrying out research, it is important to eliminate bias acts in the process. Using a method that freely involves any of the students will reduce biasness in the manner of selecting students for the survey. In probability sampling, there is a previous knowledge of the probability that a student participates in the survey (Maxfield and Earl, 223). The sample collected from the chosen respondents reflects the general feeling of the total population from which the samples originate.Probability sampling has advantages over other methods of survey. The first advantage is that it offers a better representation of the population than the other methods of survey. The manner of choosing the participants allows for proper representation of the people in the population. Through this, therefore, the method avoids biasness that could occur in choosing participants. The second advantage is that probability sampling gives an opportunity for the sampler to estimate the accuracy of the survey. Through drawing conclusions on probability theory, it is possible to estimate success or failure of the method accurately (Maxfield and Earl,


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