Changes in Dynamics of a Small Team

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Changes in Dynamics of a Small Team When a New Member Arrives and an Experienced Member Leaves. The behaviour of the team as a whole may in certain cases change with the inclusion or exclusion of a member and this essay will suggest how the leaving of an experienced member and induction of a new member brings about considerable changes in group dynamics. The essay uses theories of Belbin and Tuckman as well as other models to show the changes in team behaviour with the induction of new team members of leaving of old more experienced members. Group or team dynamics focuses on the constantly changing relationships and influences between people within a team and it is usually seen that group dynamics change rapidly along with changing objectives of the team and change or replacement of team members. A team that fails to achieve objectives is considered dysfunctional and this may be due to external or internal factors. Beddoes-Jones has cited Belbin’s team roles theory to understand how team roles could be applicable in learning and training. It is important to understand team dynamics and team roles when there are a team and training given or when the team gets dysfunctional or when a group forms a team and the team is in its first stages. According to Tuckman’s (1965) process model of group dynamics, when people come together to work for the same objectives, they form a team and this is called the Forming Stage of a team. When people in a team interact, there is a general identification of team roles, as well as identification of people’s strengths, weaknesses and this would be the Storming Stage. When people in a team start establishing boundaries, they feel comfortable and their behaviours become more Normalized which is the third stage. When the group begins to perform according to its objectives, this is the fourth Performance stage as the team spirit gets stronger. The final stage is disintegration or disruption in&nbsp.the team and this happens when team composition changes and the members enter a state of Mourning when there is a sense of loss about previous group dynamics or group members.&nbsp.

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