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Catch a Falling Star

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Write an essay on Analysis: Stella Artois: Catch a Falling Star. It needs to be at least 750 words. Managers and shareholders, after this occurrence, asked themselves how the company can re-establish itself as a premium brand across international markets. Stella Artois falls among the three world leading beer brands owned by giant multinational company, Anheuser-Bush InBev. The brand is considered as one of InBev’s most vita products, and even though it is a Belgium brand, it has frequently been at the front line for expansion into new-fangled international markets (Heath, 2010). It was initially fermented by Sébastien Artois, in 1366, in the city of Leuven and is considered, according to legend, as a Christmas beer. The emblem of the product, which comprises of the name, the origin date and a star, shows the product’s long and exceptional history. Its name ‘Stella’ represents the Latin phrase for star, whereas ‘Artois’ is adapted from the master brewer’s name, who developed the beer. However, since the 90s, in the U.K., Stella’s brand uniqueness has been associated with the motto ‘reassuringly expensive’ (Jordan, 2009). Critics argue that Stella Artois has situated itself in the United Kingdom as a top or premium beer, one which embodies quality, luxury and tradition. It is no doubt that Stella Artois’ main target group comprises of upper, as well as middle class citizens, mainly males, who are from 25 to 35 years old.The product’s marketing campaigns, developed by departing agency Lowe for the past two decades, have attempted to link the brand to European tradition and good taste (Heath, 2010). However, there has increasingly emerged a trustworthiness gap between the product’s marketing and the truth of its consumption. In markets such as the United Kingdom, where the product’s motto brags that it is reassuringly expensive, the brand’s popularity, as well as trade discounting, has made it extensively available (Jordan, 2009).


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