Cash payments journal

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Assignment

Prepare CASH PAYMENTS JOURNAL for this transactionsThe following transactions occurred in October ."AmountLateDescription|R`)Purchased fuel from Total to collect exercise balls from supplier . Paidvia debit cardBOO . ONRent paid for club premises via EFT to Landlord Pty .115010. 00RECEIVED $cashpayments frommembers*` for their*monthlysubscriptions . All money received was deposited in the bank account atthe end of the day .48 640. 00Two rowing machines purchased from Everfast and paid via cheque .27 1010. 00Purchased stationary on credit from NAC5010.00Paid for maintenance done by Mr. Fix to some of the Equipment viaCheQUE540.0010Paid ECM for electricity via EFT .2 600. 00Branded water bottles for resale was purchased on credit .13,000. 001 1Made a donation to the local SPCA from petty cash .1 000 . 0012Paid a plumber for repairs to the drainage system using Petty cash .1 5010. 00Complimentary refreshments purchased for new joiners from petty15cash box .320.0018Paid for training on new fitness developments via EFT to TAN .5. 460. 00Paid the telephone bill from Telkom cash .230.00Paid an amount toward settlement of creditors .1 1 780. 00Paid a monthly Pastel Accounting license fee via EFT .1 350. 00Sold branded water bottles .15 000 . 00Paid from Petty cash for airtime .30Paid salaries via transfer LEFTY .18 0.00 . 00

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