Cases of Ebola, a disease, outbreak in the world

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Write a 6 page essay on ECE 330 Assignments 1 & 2.Recently, there have been cases of Ebola, a disease, outbreak in the world. There have been reported cases of Ebola in the United States of America. The case of Ebola is a good example of new information that has had to pass through my human memory system. The disease is quite dangerous and is spread by direct contact with infected persons. Storing of this new information and organizing it in my memory, is a process which is systematic. Ebola being a disease had to be stored next to other similar words which are diseases such as HIV and STI’S. My human memory system then broke down this information further by classifying Ebola as an infectious disease that is spread by direct contact with an infected person’s blood or fluids. This information was, thus, stored next to other infectious diseases, for example, HIV. The new information gained about Ebola was stored in my long term memory because I paid more attention to the information by reading it often.The human memory system is made up of three main elements or three memories. They are the sensory, working and long term memories. Information that is gathered is normally stored in any of the three memories (Schater et al, 2010). When Ebola broke out in Africa, it was just simple news to me since I don’t reside in Africa. This new information was first stored in my sensory memory. Information gathered by our senses is first stored in the sensory memory on a temporary basis. One is able to decide whether to pay more attention to the information and transfer it to our working memory for processing or dismiss the information. In this case, I dismissed the information since it was an outbreak that was affecting only one continent. This new information was not stored.The disease, however, appeared again on the news. It had spread to America. I was compiled to pay more attention. The new information was first stored in the sensory

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